Dialoog met een startende collega-auteur

Vraag van Y.
Dear Lulu,
I would like to ask you for some advice for online publishing. I have a lot of chance traveling around in Europe and US. I love writing traveling journals. I am interested in becoming a journalist in the future; thus, I would like to ask for your advice of how to start my writing career. I am thinking online travel blogs would be a good way to start before sending articles to publisher. What’s your advice of where to start and how? How can I attract more readers’ for my articles?
Dank en liefs,
Antwoord van Lulu
Dear Y.,
I am glad to know that you have writing ambitions. I support you in that! Everyone has his own way to start his writing career and there is no fixed methode to do it. I suggest that you just start writing about whatever comes across your mind and collect your pieces of works. When you have enough articles, you can categorize them and you can see then what you can do with them.
Do nog worry about how to promote your works, because if you can put your pieces on your site or Facebook/Hyves/or any other public pages, just do it. If your works interest people, your circle of readers shall grow.
If I can ever help you in your further writings, please tell me.
Foto: Lulu in gesprek met een bekende collega-auteur voor wie Lulu bewondering heeft. De Manuscripta, Amsterdam 2010.