Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae of Lulu Wang


1960 is boren in Beijing, China


1979-1983 begins BA study of English language and literature at the University of Peking


1983-1986, begins MA studie of English language, literature and linguistics at the University of Peking


1984, translates ‘China’s millions’ (a book by Anne Louise Strong)

1985, publishes several literary stories in Chinese


1984-1985, works as translator/editor of the ‘Prospect’ (a magazine of the United Nations), finishes writing her first non-fiction ‘The Magic of Advertising’ (400 pages), gets her first literary price for the short story ‘Eyes’, which is published in a foremost literary magazine

1986, takes final degree in English language , literature and linguistics at the Universitity of Peking, finishes thesis ‘The Advertising langguage’, is appointed as an English teacher at the University of Peking


1986-1996, works as a Chinese teacher for the Institute for Interpreters and Translators at Maastricht, The Netherlands

1997, pulishes her debut novel ‘Het lelietheater ‘ (‘The Lily Theatre), in the Dutch language, as well as various articles, short stories and columns in a number of magazines and newspapers (about 20), such as a weekly serial ‘Onzichtbare muren’ (‘Invisible Walls’) in the newspaper ‘De Morgen’ (Belgium)

1998 wins the Gouden Ezelsoor (literary prize for the best sold debut), publishes novella ‘Brief aan mijn lezers’ (‘A letter to my readers’)

1999, moves from Maastricht to The Hague, publishes her second novella ‘Het Witte Feest’ (‘The White feest’), receives the Nonino International Prize for Literature for ‘The Lily Theatre’, publishes her second novel ‘Het tedere kind’ (‘The tender Child’)

2000, ‘The Lily Theatre’ was named by New York Times as one of ‘The 101 Most Readable Books of the Year’, hosts her
‘Kraster Five-star Lulu Wang Beijingtrip for her fans and readers’, which she does once or twice per year till 2005
2001, publishes her third novel ‘Seringendroom’ (‘The Lilac Dream’)
2002, publishes her third novella ‘Het Rode Feest’ (‘The Red Feest’)
2004, publishes her fourth novel’Bedwelmd’ (‘Intoxicated’)
2005, poses for a famous Belgian photograph Filip Naudts, the photo gets good reviews in photograph magazines and is exhibited in Photo Museum in Belgium, has her own column ‘Chinees en pindakaas’ (‘Chinese and Peanut Butter’) in ‘De Laatste show’ (‘The Latest Show’) on the Belgium TV
2006-2007, hosts in the series of tien TV documentaries ‘China voor Beginners’ (‘China for Beginners’, art channel Canvas, België)
2007, publishes her fifth novel ‘Heldere maan’ Bright Moon’), gives various lectures and writes many articles about the Chinese culture, cultural differences between China and Europe
2008, debates with a couple of Dutch celebrities who suggest a boycott of the Olympic Games in China in one of the famous TV programs’Paul en Witteman’
2009, the documentary TV series ‘China for Beginners’ is nominated for the Grande Award’ in Belgium, opens her page in Hyves (a social network site) and Facebook, writes regularly blogs for her Hyves- and Facebookfriends about the Chinese culture and cultural differences, starts writing for her website series of blogs, one is called ‘Hoe raar is een Chinees?’ (‘How peculiar is a Chinese?’) and the other is called ‘Chinese sprookjes, fabels en wijsheden’ (Chinese fairy tales, fables and wisdom)
2010, publishes the novel Wilde rozes, her ninth book
2011, becomes the publisher of her own books and starts to write in E-style, working on her tenth book, the novella ‘Nederland, wo ai ni’ (Holland, I love you), which shall first be published as book app and e-book, gives at National Publishers’ Day in World Forum (The Hague) a presentation of the test model of her book app ‘Nederland, wo ai ni’, she works with artists (painters, musicians, filmmakers) for book and book app related projects, co-produces with Jimmy Tai Films a short film based on a couple of stories in ‘Nederland, wo ai ni’
Up till now more than 1.2 million copies are sold of her nine books. Translation rights of ‘The Lily Theatre’ were sold to 25 countries. The translation rights of ‘The Lilac Dreams’ are sold to Sweden. The translation rights of ‘The White Feest’ are sold to Italy.
Activities related to publications of Lulu’s books:
– She writes a daily blog about the Chinese culture on her site, Facebook, Hyves (also to read on Twitter and LinkedIn)
– she works with artists (painters, musicians, filmmakers) for book and book app related projects, co-produces with Filmmakers films based on her books and short stories
– She regularly gives lectures and interviews in the Nederlands, Belgium and in Eupean and Asian countries
– She writes various literary contributions to newspapers and magazins
– She accompanies her readers, fans and other tourists to China on trips (‘Five Star Lulu Wang Beijing Trip’) organised for those who are particularly interested in visiting sites and places of her books
– She gives almost every other year a signingtour for her books.
Photographer: Xiaoling Huang