Foto’s en indruk

Just got a mail from one of my best schoolfriends who now works in the United States:
Dear Lulu
(A mutual friend of ours) showed me some of your photos on her Facebook page. Boy, you looked very sexy, some of them looked like were taken in a bar, and I wasn’t sure if you were dressing up like a bar girl or that you were working there. Are these photos part of the promotion of your books? And what are the purposes of dressing up so sexually provocative?
Maybe it’s not my place to ask, but as your old friend, I’m quite confused by all these photos and they began to give out negative impressions. I certainly hope that they don’t impact your books the negative way, and I thought to ask you directly before I hear stories from other people…
Beneath is my answer
Dear H,
Thank you for your mail and for your good advice. Which pictures do you mean? I think that if you see the pictures in combination of the text, you will see them differently…
Love and thank you.
Een vraag aan mijn Facebookvrienden,
Zouden jullie mij recht in het gezicht zeggen als ik met mijn foto’s een verkeerde indruk geef? Kritiek, hoe streng ook, welkom! Want alleen goede vrienden zeggen elkaar de waarheid.
Dank jullie bij voorbaat.
Lieve weekend groet,
PS. Wegens discretie heb ik slechts aan letter van de naam van mijn goede vriendin gebruikt.
Fotograaf: Theo Benschop.