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  • A. News from Galerie Lulu/露露画廊新闻

  • B. Introduction to Galerie Lulu/露露画廊简介

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    C. Introduction/简介

    露露热爱文学更崇拜艺术。在这个画廊里你能看到和她共同合作过的画家的作品。字和画,文学与艺术,它们的结合使书胜于书。使书的灵魂栩栩如生,像画中美人一般走出纸张,感动着读者和观赏者,给我们以全方位的艺术享受。欢迎各位选购画家的作品。如您有意,请点击油画,访问画家网页,直接用英文同画家本人联系 。 你也可以同露露联系 >>> >>

    Lulu loves literature and she adores art. In this gallery you can see the works of different artists that work together with her to make books more than books. Thanks to the synergy of word and image, literature and art, the soul of the books becomes more visible to the reader/observer – the soul comes right out off the paper, like a beauty that steps from our dream, inspiring us, moving us, and coloring our life. You are welcome to buy the paintings of the artists. If you are interested, you can contact the artists directly by clicking on their paintings and visiting their website. If you need me to forward your message to them, please send a mail to me >>> >>


    cover_levenlangverliefd_defitief 1020-01 (4)

    王露露荷中双语图文并茂诗集《情燃毕生》的四位画家。/The four artists in Lulu Wang’s Dutch-Chinese poetrybook Life Long in Love (Levenlangverliefd)

    请欣赏他们的画作/Enjoy their paintings >>> >>

    如您订购此书,您将欣赏书中近70张画作/Order this book and enjoy about 70 paintings >>> >>


    book coverNederland转曲_画板 2 副本 2

    王露露荷兰文中篇小说《荷兰,我爱你》里的画家黄晓陵/The artist Huang Xiaoling in Lulu Wang’s novella The Netherlands, I love you!

    请欣赏她的画作/Enjoy her paintings>>> >>

    如您订购此书,您将欣赏书中近20张画作 / Order this book and enjoy more about 20 paintings >>> >>



    王露露荷中双语图文并茂多媒体电子书/手机应用诗集《爱满夏天》里的画家黄晓陵/The artist Huang Xiaoling in Lulu Wang’s Dutch-Chinese poetrybook Summer Full of Love.
    请欣赏她的画作/Enjoy her paintings >>> >>

    如您订购这本书, 您将欣赏书中近20张画作/Order this book and enjoy about 20 paintings >>> >>



    为王露露荷文小说《野蔷薇》节选朗读视频中提供画作的画家,M.埃里森 /The artist Marcel Elisen in YouTube Film 1 based on Lulu Wang’s Dutch novel Wilde roses (Wilde rozen) >>> >>



    为王露露荷文小说《野蔷薇》节选朗读视频中提供画作的画家,L. 纳荷盖尔克,印尼少女列,油画 /The artist Louis Nagelkerk in YouTube Film 2 based on Lulu Wang’s Dutch novel Wilde roses (Wilde rozen) >>> >>


    3-3-2014 adam en eva ABC reeks

    王露露荷文中篇小说《亚当夏娃在中国》画插图和封面的画家J.维尔麦/The painter Jaap Vermeij, who made the cover and illustrations of Lulu Wang’s novella ‘Adam and Eva in China’ >>> >>


    中posteralleboeken van Lulu

    为王露露一至九本书电子书封面提供画作的画家,I.莱特 / The artist Ingo Leth, whose paintings are on the cover of Lulu Wang’s first nine books as E-book >>> >>



    为王露露设计她在《荷兰,我爱你!》音乐会兼新书发布会上穿的晚礼服的荷兰时装设计师M.豪客斯,此盛会由荷兰海牙交响乐团与王露露合作主办,在海牙市安东.菲律普音乐厅举行/The fashion designer Marika Houkes, who designed the Tulip dress for the concert/book presentation ‘The Netherlands, Wo Ai Ni!’ in Anton Philipszaal, organised by The Residentie Orchestra and Lulu Wang >>> >>



    为王露露设计她在《情燃毕生》晚礼服所用的丝巾的艺术家T.卡瑟米尔/The artist The Kazemier who designed the silken shawls to form the dress for the book presentation of Lulu Wang’s poetry book ‘A Life Long in Love’ >>> >>


    为露露未来书籍做雕像的比利时籍华裔雕塑家阎淑芬女士/Belgische beeldhouwster van Chinese afkomst, die een beeld voor Lulu’s toekomstige boek heeft gemaakt >>> >>

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