Photographic report Premiere ‘Ten Songs of Change’ at the Music Festival of Amsterdam Canals, 14 August 2019


Maya Fridman (cello)

Marion von Tilzer (composition / piano)

Lulu Wang (text)

Lulu began with an introductory speech about the combination of Yi Jing, poems from the Tang Dynasty and above all, music.

Music played by Maya and Marion

The music has ten songs and each song is announced by Chinese calligraphy – this is the Song of Fire.

Standing ovation that lasted several minutes

Signing session of CD’s of Maya and Marion

Signing session of Lulu’s books

Musicians congratulated

Chinese were thrilled by the combination of European music and Tang-poetry

Our great gratitude for the beautiful lighting design by Mr. James Murray

Our immense gratitude for Konstantin Koukias, Richard Stuivenberg and others who contributed to the success of the premiere, including the cameraman.

Proud of mother the componist/pianist

Cellist goes home after a great performance

Author Lulu says good-bye to one of the audience

Koop Nederwonderland of andere boeken van Lulu Wang >>> >>