Program China Culture Week 21-30 June 2017

China Culture Week

1.Time: 21-30 June 2017
2.Venue: China Cultural Center in Den Haag
(Spui 186, 2511BW, Den Haag)
3.Theme:Inheritance and Innovation: China Intangible Cultural Heritage
a.Two Exhibitions:Chinese Gyotaku Art; Silk-road—A New Look;
b.Opening Ceremony:Guzheng, Guqin, Pipa, and Folk music
c.Live Presentation:Ou Sculpture, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting and Chinese Folk Games
d.Workshop: Ou Sculpture
e.Video Show:《One Belt One Road》,《Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts》,《Passage to China》,《Guqin》,《Go》,《Calligraphy》、《Painting》,etc。

4.Program list:

21 June
Wednesday Opening Ceremony( upon invitation only)
1) Opening Speech
2) Performance by Shenzhen Fangyin Chinese Music Troupe and Chinese Art Academy Europe(Sisi Zhang)
3)Tour of Chinese Gyotaku Art Exhibition and reception

24 June
Saturday a.“Culture of China, Water Cube Cup” Chinese Songs Singing Contest for Overseas Chinese in the Netherlands
b. Workshop for appreciation of Quqin and Guzheng Music(free entrance)

25 June
Sunday Closed

27 June
Tuesday a. Cultural Dialogue on Chinese and Western Cuisine Culture moderated by Lulu Wang and Marina Numan
b.“Chineeslekker”—New Book Signing Session by Lulu Wang

29 June
Thursday a.13:00-14:30 Dutch Autism Children Day, visiting Cultural Center, touring exhibition, having craft class and playing traditional games.
b.19:30-21:00 Demo class: Chinese Taiji and Health Qigong(Fei Yuliang)

30 June(tbc) Lecture: Heart Talk of Pipa: the Inheritance and Innovation of China National Music
Speaker: Sisi Zhang, Director, Chinese Art Academy Europe

Note: Except during the days of the above-mentioned events, two exhibitions are open to the public from 9:00 to 17:00 free of charge(Monday to Friday, June 22-July 21,2017).