Tojoy,een van grootste en invloedrijkste businessclubs en investmentgroeps in China / 天九集团

TOJOY Holding Group, founded in 1991, is the largest off-line platform for enterprise services in China, operates 60 wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies in 30 provinces in the country.

Corporate mission

To accelerate enterprise development, and create happiness for our partners.

There are 3 service area in TOJOY

Business platform construction;
Limited companies incubation;
Private equity investment

TOJOY Business Platform Group

With its head office in Beijing, TOJOY Business Platform Group is the largest off-line business platform in China with over 220,000 Chinese enterprises as members and over 1000 business organizations or branch associations as strategic partners.
Every month, TOJOY Platform Group organizes 600 Investment Forums with over 600 Chinese entrepreneurs at average participating for each forum in China.

TOJOY Incubator Group

TOJOY Incubator Group aims to become China’s largest listed company incubator. Within 10 years, TOJOY will help more than 1000 companies to go to the stock market successfully.

TOJOY Investment Group

TOJOY Investment Group aims to build China’s largest company mergers and acquisitions platform to help outstanding enterprises and listed companies to cooperate and achieve win-win development.

TOJOY Private Equity Investment Group

TOJOY Private Equity Investment Group is committed to build the country’s largest equity investment platform, create a green investment channel for listed companies, assist enterprises transformation and upgrade.

Social Responsibilities

TOJOY is the founder of the theory of happiness enterprise and is successful practitioner of this theory. In TOJOY, employees only work 4 days a week and 6 hours a day.
TOJOY created entrepreneurs incubator firstly in China. TOJOY wants their staffs to say goodbye to their employees life and to be the boss.

The Most Caring and Loving Enterprise

TOJOY was ranked among top 20 among “China Top 100 Charitable Donators” (2011)
China Africa Hope Project: build up 1000 basic schools in African countries

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