Twee vrije kaarten voor Spectaculaire show van Chinese staatscircus ‘Splendid’, 6 juli, 2016, Den Haag


Wie wil een kaart voor Splendid, a miraculous event at the Zuiderstrandtheater?

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Info over de fantastische show

The miraculous Chinese acrobats

It happens right in front of you: acrobats catapult themselves high in the air, they turn and twist at high speed, jump through hoops and float from silk cloths. Lose yourself at the spectacular circus show Splendid of the famous company China National Acrobatic Troupe. China’s best acrobats will captivate the audience for two hours during a breathtaking show.

China National Acrobatic Troupe (CNAT) is the only national acrobatic performing troupe established in China. Around top 50 Chinese artist will perform 15 shows in Schevengingen during 29th June and 10th July. Splendid 一品一三绝 is formed by 13 spectacular programs. More than 10 programs won world class or Chinese class awards. Other than traditional acrobatics, the Troupe integrates music, dance, drama, Chinese Kung fu, ancient Chinese ink and also other Chinese elements into acrobatics and implements modern techniques into this show. It is a show worth the world seeing. It finally come to Netherlands after touring the world.

They will show their unique visual and spectacular acrobatic acts in the magnificent Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen.

Tijd: wo. 6 juli 2016
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