Wie wil Engels doceren op een Chinese universiteit? Zijn er psychologen die in China willen werken? Hier is een kans.

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Recruitment for Language Teachers in China
Project Overview
As capital of Henan Province in China, Zhengzhou city has over 70 foreign language training institutions and universities, which need several hundred foreign teachers in language every year. As an established organization contributed to the cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands, 10 AM Cooperatie has secured a co-operation with local government authorities and is assigned to recruit suitable teachers in languages for institutions and training schools in Zhengzhou.
Requirement for the candidates
Gender: both
Age: under 60 years
Academic Qualification: Bachelor above; degree of literature, English, psychology or education, TESL certificate, or teaching certificate preferred
Duration of contract: one year
Subjects to teach: Oral English, English Reading, English Writing, English listening, American/British literature and other languages like German, French and Spanish.
Hours of teaching per week: 20-22 classes
Other qualifications: Native speaker, active and thought-provoking in teaching, patient with students.
Salary: 5000-7000 RMB per month after tax. The salary can be exchanged into Euro at the end of each semester.
International Air Fare: A round air ticket of economy class by direct route between the point of origin and China will be paid upon the successful completion of the contract.
Accommodation: Free accommodation with a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, bedding items, a computer, a telephone, a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, a television set, DVD player and air-conditioner etc., and a subsidy of RMB 100 per month for local call.
Holiday: All holidays for Chinese teachers.
Medical care: It is same with teachers in the school. Hospitalization expenses and costs caused by medical treatment in hospital out of school are paid personally.
Free Chinese lesson: Some universities provide foreign teachers with free Chinese lessons in their spare time.
Contact Details
Sylvia van der Wild
info@sylviavanderwild.nl ;
sylviawild@hotmal.com ;
Foto: De Chinese tekst luidt: Wees lief voor het gras. Met andere woorden: Loop niet op het gras. Zo te zien is het inderdaad nodig dat het niveau van het vreemdetalenonderwijs verhoogd wordt.
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