Xiaoling Huang, de illustrator van mijn book app Nederland, wo ai ni

Xiaoling Huang, the illustrator of my bookapp “Nederland, wo ai ni”
I know Xialing by an exhibition of her paintings. I was touched by her use
of colors and lines, which are both happy as powerful. She combines in her
works the sensitivity of Chinese painters and the expressiveness of European
artists. Her capacities to make static lines and colors to ‘move’ on the
canvas make her paintings unique.
One thing led to another. If you like my website, thank Xiaoling. She has
designed it. If you like some pictures in my blog, chances are that Xiaoling
made them. Indeed Xiaoling is also a photographer. The illustrations she
made for my book app add colour to my book and stimulate all senses. I hope
that my readers will enjoy the illustrations as much as I do every time when
I press the start button of the app.
I believe Xiaoling Huang has the qualities and insight in both the Chinese
and the European art that can inspire lots of Chinese students.
Lulu Wang
Fotograaf: Xiaoling Huang