Tangguo / 棠果, one of the biggest travelorganisations in China

About Tangguo
Global Layout
Cooperation Model
Strategic Planning

A One-Stop Lodging-Sharing Platform for Chinese People Everywhere to Travel the World
An all-for-one tourism, lodging-sharing, and +Key Account custom service, Tangguo also allows for overseas car rental, ticket services, local guides, butler services, high-end custom, overseas real estate, and mobile payment.
Didi has changed the way we travel; Tangguo will change the way we find and rent lodgings.


After an about-six-month special survey on the program, the Tojoy professional team believes the program has good development prospects and, as such, has officially invested in the program and became a strategic shareholder of the program’s company. Tojoy’s investment doesn’t replace the company’s partners’ prudential judgment of the program’s investment risks, nor does it represent any guarantee of the program’s success. Whether or not the company’s partners choose to cooperate with the program is their own decision.

About Tango

Tangguo offers homestay, apartment, villa, and local cultural travel booking services for Chinese people all over the world. It facilitates local cultural travel and the sharing of vacant houses while also offering comprehensive tourism resources, all through mobile and internet platforms. By incorporating vacant houses and travel resources worldwide, while also adopting integrated online and offline operation and management methods, Tangguo is able to provide users with the best, most cultural, unique global lodging services and the most conformable lodging experience. With the promotion of Tangguo, the lodging market, valued at over one trillion yuan, is entering into a new era, the lodging industry 4.0.

In 2016, Tangguo achieved a milestone in its development, bringing 218 cities online. That year, it listed over 130,000 lodgings spanning 30 cities in some ten countries and regions, and garnered over 3 million members. Currently, Tango membership is increasing at a rate of over 6,000 every day and lodging listings are increasing at a rate of over 2,000 a day. Tango is thus leading the industry, with a weekly growth of 32%. By the end of 2016, Tango’s market capitalization reached 2 billion yuan, and Tango earned 100 million yuan from its Series A financing.

Business Fields

Tangguo Lodging
Tangguo Travel
Tangguo Key Account (KA) Custom
Tangguo Mall

Tangguo Lodging: Experience Culture Shock in Every City

Tangguo Lodging provides one-stop lodging services to users, with a listing of vacant houses worldwide and combined online and offline operations. Diversified lodging choices, including villas, apartments, B&Bs, hotels, and unique buildings will offer unique living experiences to travelers who seek a “local housing” experience.

At only half the price of traditional hotels, you can enjoy an experience completely different from the standard services and monotonous decorations provided by hotels. Get away from the city and live in a forest tree house to be one with nature; live in the cave dwelling and experience the profound culture of the ancient and magical loess plateau; enjoy the vastness of the sea in the sea-view room in Sanya, and book a villa and have a unique themed party with family and friends; rent a car and go anywhere you like; get on a cruise and travel far…

With Tangguo’s booking platform, you can choose from unique cabins, villas, and homestays. There are also featured travel guides from travel gurus worldwide, which will make your trip one full of discoveries and surprises and allow you to see the most unique features of the city.

On a trip, you can enjoy the most authentic home-cooked meals and be guided through the city’s most worthwhile places, all courtesy of the house owner. With Tango travel lodging, you can make friends from all over the world, experience the special travel guides approved by travel gurus worldwide, and embark on an adventure.

On the trip, you will not only gain a travel experience but, more importantly, a deeper understanding of the city.

Tangguo Travel: Live Like Locals

Tangguo Travel shares local lifestyle and local culture resources, while also providing personalized services via its economy-and-travel-sharing model. Through its unique business model, Tangguo has mobilized and integrated global resources and expanded its business scope to include overseas car rentals (airport pick-up and drop-off, chartered buses, cars, etc.), ticket services, local guides, butler services, high-end customized overseas real estate, and other value-added services, aiming to provide users with a comprehensive travel experience and to create the leading brand among the one-stop lodging platforms for Chinese outbound travels.

Tangguo Key Account (KA) Custom: A Customized Travel Experience

Tangguo KA is committed to providing customized world-travel services for enterprises and entrepreneurs, with a focus on high-quality, personalized itineraries, which include everything from group travel guides, employee travel incentives, client receptions, and meeting planning, to business travel services. Currently, Tangguo has an established business relationship with Fortune 500 companies in 136 countries. Tango’s more than 580 domestic and overseas local operation and service centers, and its more than 1,200 travel agencies and travel gurus worldwide provide one-stop services for high-quality travels. When a maintenance request is made on the platform, nearby cleaning companies and housing agencies vie for the order. This completely solves any glitches in the quality of the lodging experience.

Tangguo Mall: A Social Mall Focusing on Travel

Tangguo Mall offers travelers with more personalized options of travel amenities, via its cutting-edge black technology, its array of travel accessories, its creative daily products, its local specialties, its local crafts, and more, making your travels more interesting and convenient.

Jin Dongzhe Chairman, CEO, and Founder
Qian Junlong Public Relations Department, Founding Partner
Sun Qi Human Resources Department, Founding Partner
Sun Peng Travel Business Department, Founding Partner
Yang Yanxin COO, Partner
Chen Wei Business Service Department, Partner
Gao Zhenlong CEO’s Office, Founding Partner
Wang Nan Mall Logistics Center, Partner
Niu Shibin Manager of the Technical Department
Ma Yingchao Senior Director of the Overseas Development Department
Ma Bolong Senior Manager of the Product Department
Jiang Shaoli Senior Director of the Brand Department
Ding Yi Senior Director of the KA Corporate Client Center

Tango’s Core Team

Attractiveness comes from charm and confidence from experience.

Tangguo’s team is built on the wisdom, technology, and resources of domestic and overseas elites in the fields of real estate, hospitality, and internet programming. Real estate and internet programming elites such as CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, Midland Holdings, qunar.com, tuniu.com, Ctrip, mafengwo.cn, zhubaijia.com, Baidu, meituan.com, JD, and NetEase have joined us. They have in-depth knowledge of models, strategies, markets, products, services, and technology, and have unique views about user demand and experience. With strong professional skills and strong decision-making abilities, they have formed a strong internet team that is passionate and ready to tap into the world market.
1. Mr. Boris Tadic, former President of Serbia
2. Mr. WimKok, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands
3. Mr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Prime Minister of Spain
4. Executive Director of Morgan Stanley
5. Director and General Manager of ILS Global, and Manager of Citibank
6. Norodom Sihanouk, Prince of Cambodia
7. Pinij Charusombat, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand


2016 Best Growing Entrepreneurial Program
2016 Global (China) Tourism Gold Award, Best Internet Platform Innovation Award
2016 Outstanding Internet Lodging Platform in Asia
Outstanding Innovation Award in Mobile Internet in the Chinese Lodging Industry
Founder Jin Dongzhe was awarded the “New Prominent Chinese CEO of the Year” Award

Tangguo Makes Breakthroughs Every Day During its Rapid Development

From October 29th to October 30th, 2016, the two-day Tango “100-Cities Interaction” event was held in 100 cities across the country. The event was covered by over 100 media outlets, including www.toutiao.com, CRI Online, and Tencent News. It topped the travel topic list on Sina Weibo and ranked sixth on the Hot Topics list. The Tangguo app was downloaded over 160,000 times over the course of the event.

On November 20th, 2016, Tangguo officially announced its plan to expand overseas, aiming to provide the best, most cultural, unique global lodging services for those who love traveling around the world, and also to create a lodging service ecosystem based on overseas homestays, villas, and featured rental houses. By connecting travel gurus with tourists looking for an in-depth experience, Tangguo offers the most uniquely local, individualized travel experience to tourists. Additionally, Tangguo has tapped into other fields of outbound tourism, such as car rental services, ticket services, local guides, butler services, and real estate in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the US.

On November 26th, 2016, Tangguo’s“10,000-Person Party” kicked off around the country. Tango, in collaboration with Wanda, Party World, Saint Island Club, Manchester United Fan Club, Yimiyangguang, and the Communist Youth League Committee, gathered nearly 10,000 young people from over 100 cities nationwide to participate in the party for free. The party included karaoke, meetings with bigshots, music, wine tasting, hot moms, and cooking. Over 100 cities nationwide, including the fashionable and modern Beijing, the refreshing and pleasant Suzhou, Lijiang, the City of Romantic Encounters, and the passionate Shenyang, participated in the grand event. The party helped gain popularity for Tango among young people.

From December 1st to December 6th, 2016, Tangguo distributed 60 million yuan’s worth of coupons, which could be used in over 300 selected routes and lodgings in over 200 cities nationwide. The event description was read 110 million times on Sina Weibo, and Tango members increased by 98,596. The coupons were snapped up in only five days. The event initiated a new tide in the national travel lodging industry.

On January 14th, 2017, Tangguo’s annual meeting, with a theme of “Sharing with the World and Sharing the Future,” was held at Shangri-La Hotel. Representatives from global hotel and tourism industries, senior executives of Tojoy, including Wang Yang, 80 industry media representatives, a number of company representatives from Samsung, China Telecom, etc., and national partner representatives, as well as all employees of Tango, attended the grand event. The meeting included red-carpet walking, people-screen naked-eye 3D interaction, a performance from the champions of Avenue of Stars, dances, sketches, etc., and was a perfect event for Tango to properly bid farewell to 2016.

In February of 2017, Tangguo established a cooperative relationship with four international giants: Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Paul Hastings LLP, and ILS.As of 2017, Tango has obtained advantageous resources in dozens of countries and gained the support of state leaders and tourist administrations from a number of countries, providing Tango with advantages in local market expansion and customer policies.

Tangguo has also established a strategic cooperation agreement with Moments in the Bangkok Hostel & Guesthouse.

Tangguo is currently set to establish an operation service center in Europe, so as to foster a connection to the European market.

Tangguo has also joined hands with the Asan Medical Center in Seoul, an early business layout in overseas medical tourism.

Additionally, Tangguo has signed an agreement with Compass Hospitality that would provide tourists with a different exotic experience.

Tangguo is currently involved with Gansu, located on the Silk Road, to direct the development of the “Belt and Road” project.

At the 2017 China CEO New Year Summit, Tangguo won the Entrepreneurship Award of the Year.

At the “Travel and Sports: New Concepts Industry Forum,” Tangguo, together with badmintoncn.com, launched a smart lodging lifestyle guide.

Tango’s Global Layout

Tangguo has over 3 million registered users from over 218 cities worldwide, laying a solid foundation for our international business development. Our professional operation teams with international travel licenses can provide one-stop services for Chinese people traveling overseas. Currently, Tangguo has 10,000 overseas lodging listings online and has pilot operations in some countries, shown in the table below. Tangguo recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Tojoy to jointly create a new model for overseas investment.

Country City Responsible Person Covered area
Thailand Bangkok Mr. Xia Entirety of Thailand
Republic of Korea Seoul Chief Shen Entirety of Korea
Australia Melbourne Justin Entirety of Australia
New Zealand Auckland Elephant North Island New Zealand (Auckland)
Christchurch William South Island New Zealand(Queenstown, Christchurch)
USA New York Bushen East coast of America(Washington, New York, Boston, Miami, Orlando)
Los Angeles Pudding West coast of America(Los Angeles, Seattle, Los Angeles)
Canada Toronto Lu Yao East coast of Canada(Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa)
Vancouver Tracy West coast of Canada Vancouver, etc.
France Paris Leo Entirety of France and Germany
Portugal Lisbon Bernardo Southern Europe
The United Kingdom London Tom Entirety of the UK
The Netherlands The Hague Ms. Sun Entirety of the Netherlands and Northern Europe

Cooperation Model
Joint Operations at Home

Selection of City Partners

We select only one city partner for one city. The city partner locks the exclusive operation rights of Tango in the city and enjoys the profit by receiving royalties.
The city partner also selects lodgings in the city, establishes independent offline operation teams, and organizes offline custodies and online product launches.
Based on the permanent population, economic development levels, and the tourism development of the city, the royalties for the exclusive cooperation rights range from 400,000 yuan to 40 million yuan.

Collaboration Profits

Tangguo adheres to the principle of sharing and generating win-win solutions. As such, it is happy to share operating results with all collaborating parties. City partners can share up to 70% of the platform’s profit in the city, including profit made from Tango’s:
◆ Platform usage fee
◆ Butler service fee
◆ General clothing delivery fee
◆ Platform tourism income
◆ Besides, city partners can put 5-10% quality houses into custody, thus earning 100% custody profit which is around 20% of the rental revenue.

Sharing Ultra-High Operating Income

Tangguo provides multiple benefits, so as to create the No.1 lodging brand.

Foreign Investment Cooperation Model

Investor conditions: Global entrepreneurs and investment agencies
◆ Investing 2 million to 10 million yuan (over US$300,000)
◆ Investment amount: 5 to 20% in a subsidiary in a country.

Investors’ Shareholder Equity
◆ Shareholders’ annual bonus.
◆ When the share price rises, shareholders can apply for an internal transfer of shares.
◆ M&A, or exit due to being acquired.
◆ Exit in overseas listing.

Investors’ Other Benefits

◆ Domestic entrepreneur funds and business can go to overseas markets, thereby building international business for later generations.
◆ Domestic enterprises can transform and update themselves, expand horizons, and seek the best opportunities for resources and capital.
◆ Investors can gain overseas job opportunities for children or relatives (investors with a stake of over 10%).
◆ Investors can participate in two luxury tours for global shareholders, or global business exchange and inspection meetings, for free every year.
◆ Investors can participate in large national and global activities, international political VIP ceremonies, year-end ceremonies, and shareholders’ meetings organized by Tango.
◆ Investors can enjoy overseas customized business and travel consulting services, one-stop private butler services for enterprise, family, and overseas business trips, as well as customized travel plans, all with corporate prices and VIP treatment.

Take Thailand, for Example

The valuation of the Thai company is 50 million yuan. The investment amount is 5 million yuan, a 10% stake.
Market data (2016): population: 67.96 million, GDP: 2.4563 trillion, inbound tourists: 32.57 million (including 8.77 million Chinese), inbound tourist consumption amount: 319.3 billion, of which Chinese tourist consumption amounted to 85.6 billion .
If a 1% market share is realized, the 10% commission income plan is adopted. That is to say, if the Thai company realizes an income of 85.6 million yuan and the expected net profit is no less than 50 million yuan, the investor with a 10% stake can obtain a profit of no less than 5 million yuan.

Countries and Regions to Develop Wholly-Owned Overseas Subsidiaries in 2017

No. Country/region
1 Hong Kong + Macao
2 Taiwan
3 Japan
4 Thailand
5 Singapore + Malaysia
6 Australia + New Zealand
8 Canada
9 France
10 Italy

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